Home is a sanctuary where we feel safe, relaxed, and supported. Your home is the only place where you can be yourself because of privacy, interior, furniture, and especially comfortable chairs. However, in the same home, sometimes you feel highly insecure. Your safest sanctuary becomes a significant source of harm for the elderly. Handicapped who have to put lots of struggle in performing their daily tasks. If you want to make your home the safest place for them too, you should minimize their chance of slipping in the restroom. Falling off while taking a shower is the most frequently occurring household accidents, and you can greatly reduce the chances of falling off in the shower if you consider buying a shower chair.holdbarhet nespresso kapsler
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Why Is Bathtub A Central Risk Factor For Elderly?

If you think that there is no need of buying a shower bench for the elderly as a bathtub is already installed there, you need to rethink it. A bathtub is probably the biggest risk factor for your elderly as well as for people who are facing a leg injury. It is because of the way a tub is designed that it becomes quite a challenge for the old people to use it for taking a shower.

For instance, if you have a senior at home who is suffering from the problem of arthritis, it is up to you how you take care of him or her. It will be quite difficult for the person to climb over the high sides of the tub and then find an appropriate position to take a bath. If you are careful enough, you would surely arrange a bath bench so that he or she can take a bath without slipping.

Types Of Shower Chairs Available In The Market

Buying a shower chair was never as much fun as it is today. Before that, there was not enough variety available in the market. However, today you can find a large variety of shower chairs ranging from lightweight shower stools to beautifully designed bath seats. If you have someone at home with mobility issues and looking for specific features in your shower chair, you surely can tell your vendor about it. Given below are some of the chairs available in the market to take showers. Have a look:

Shower bench
One of the best comfort for our elders

Lightweight Folding Shower Bench:

It is a non-slip shower bench that provides ultimate comfort and support to the users when they are taking a shower. It comes with an optional backrest. The bench is made of very lightweight polyethylene which is known for its durability and great support to the users. You can easily adjust the height of a shower bench according to the height of the user.

Shower Chair With Backrest:

If you have difficulty in moving and want to enjoy comfortable, worry-free bathing, this shower seat is probably the best option for you. Bathing for handicapped and elderly people has become quite easy with the help of this chair. You will find this chair easy to clean because of its polyurethane padding that rarely absorbs water.

The Transfer Shower Stool:

This shower bench is mostly used for bed-ridden patients. It is quite difficult to transfer these patients from their beds to bath stools, so they have designed this easy to transfer bench or stool. Its side arm provides stability to the patients and an easy to reverse back seat allows you to easily transfer a patient from the bed to a bathtub.




Shower Chairs

Transfer Bench

Heavy Duty Shower Chair

Transfer Bench for shower

Sliding Shower Chair

Teak Wall Mount Shower Bench:

You can mount this bath seat to the wall of the bathroom. As it is made of wood, it can easily blend into any kind of bathroom interior. It is a highly customizable product that anyone can easily adjust while taking the bath.  It is its mold-resistant, and water-resistant nature that makes it the best product to use while taking a shower.

Advantages Of Shower Seat

It is quite understood that taking a shower is quite a difficult job for persons with disabilities and the elderly. Instead of putting the lives of your loved ones at risk, consider buying this chair and take advantage of its numerous benefits. Given below are some of the benefits of buying a bath chair:

Shower seat Improves The Security Of Your Loved Ones

Whether you buy a shower stool or a shower seat, when you invest in it, you certainly behave more responsibly. Buying this chair greatly enhances the security of your loved ones as they are no more at risk of slipping in the wet bathroom and falling off. If you have a wheelchair bound person in your home, make sure that you also buy a shower chair for him.

Shower chair Improves The Hygiene Of Patients

This is yet another compelling advantage of buying a shower bench. With the help of this chair, people with limited mobility won’t feel dirty anymore. They can take off their hygiene in a better way. If you are bound in a wheelchair but still want to feel independent during bathing, a bath chair is worth investing in.

Bath seat makes you feel more Empowered

If you like traveling but do not feel like traveling anymore due to your limited mobility, buying a shower seat will make you feel more empowered. With the help of your wheelchair, you already have become somewhat independent for daily tasks like taking a walk, eating your meal, and more. Then, why keep yourself restricted when it comes to bathing. Buy this chair and feel more empowered.

Live A Quality Life

Having a shower chair is a good piece of personal equipment that improves the quality of your life greatly. Owning this chair not only enables you to take better care of your hygiene, but you also feel more relaxed in the warm water. This feeling of relaxation, independence, and empowerment goes a long way when it comes to improving the quality of life.

Final Say!

There are numerous advantages to buying shower chairs. If you or any of your loved ones are facing restricted mobility due to age, illness, or any accidental injury, please do not put yourself at risk further. Use a shower chair and enjoy taking a bath daily.

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