When it comes to buying beetle chairs, the appeal is great. More and more people are now preferring to buy gubi chairs because of their unique designing and high external shell support. Since its launch in the market back in 2013, these gubi chairs are well received by homeowners, restaurant owners, and other commercial uses. Even if you go to an interior architect and ask suggestions before buying chairs for your home, he will surely recommend buying beetle chairs because of their outstanding comfort, appealing design, and a range of customization possibilities.




Upholstered Side Chairs with Soft Velvet Seat Backrest

HomyCasa Dining Chair Accent Chair Set of 2

Glitzhome Modern Living Dining Room Accent Arm Chairs Set of 2

Monarch Specialties 2 Piece DINING CHAIR-2PCS

HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair, Set of 2

Gubi Chairs – The Inspiration Of The Design

If we talk about the unique design of gubi beetle chairs, the inspiration for the whole collection is found in the insect world. The designers GamFratesi who first conceived this idea were closely observing insects for a long time. When they completely understood the anatomy, aesthetics, and movement of a beetle world, they decided to incorporate it in their idea of designing dining chairs.

The Large Beetle Collection

If we talk about the large collection they created, every chair of this collection was unique yet highly focused on the main theme. The shell of the four-legged creature is nearly used in all of the designs. Even though the design is dynamically unique, the whole is suitable for multiple environments regardless of the weather conditions and the user’s needs. No matter if you are going to use gubi chairs for the home or your workplace, you can easily find a design from its dynamic collection that perfectly suits the environmental conditions. Beetle dining chairs, beetle stools, beetle sofa, beetle table, and beetle lounge chairs are some of the valuable items in the large beetle collection that is preferred by most of the customers.

What Are Some Of The Best Features Of Gubi Chairs?

You should consider buying gubi chairs because of the range of benefits they offer:


It is the outstanding comfort that you get after buying these chairs that compels homeowners to buy beetle designed dining chairs.

Durable Upholstery:

The second best thing about the beetle chairs is their durable upholstery. The slogan of manufacturers is beetle for life and they mean it.

Variety Of Shell Colors: 

Again, it is the variety of shell colors that make people buy gubi chairs. These different shades exude a personality of their own when used. You can confidently choose the colors black, dark pink, sweet pink, etc.




Roundhill Furniture Tuchico Contemporary Fabric Accent Chair

Modern Dining Chair with Arm

Amazon Brand – Rivet Contemporary Leather Dining Chair with Swivel Seat

Modern Fabric Dining Chair with Wood Finished Metal Legs, 2-Pcs Set

Industrial Faux Leather Armless Indoor Kitchen Dining Chair with Metal Legs

Why Should One Buy Gubi Chairs From Us?

Gubi chairs are designed in a way that the line of past, present, and future are easily blurred. Whether you want an iconic design for the past or a futuristic design from the future, you can easily find it in our vast collection of gubi chairs. We have been dealing with the sales of this chair for many years now and there have been record-sales made in this specific design and made. As far as the pricing of our beetle chairs is concerned, it varies depending upon the fabric used and the finishing of the base. You can approach our customer support team at any time for further information.

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