Are you suffering from aching back? Usually, this happens because our seating position and posture is not right. If you are one of those who suffer from this problem to an extent that if one day you are working, the very next day you have to take a break to soothe your aching back, this article is for you.

Gubi Chair

When was the first time when this chair grabbed the attention of the homeowners? To be honest, though the chair has been there for a long time now, it turns out that it is Netflix that sparked people’s interest in this design. If you have seen the famous rom-com “Always Be MY Maybe”, you would remember in one scene the main character of the series drops the phrase “Gubi Chair” about a million times that too just in two seconds. It was because of her that the phrase spiked in Google searches and everyone was asking about the details of this chair.




Modern Dining Chair

Pro Gubi Chair 

comfortable gubi chair

Stylish Gubi Chair

Modern Gubi Chair

To talk about the specific features of the Gobi Chair, we would say that it is one of those rare chairs that provides the people with ultimate comfort when they are sitting on it. It is the innovative design of this chair that imparts a total unique functionality to this chair. When we talk about style and aesthetics, it is the epitome of functional art with soft upholstery, slender metal legs, and perfectly soft interior. The quality of the fabric is very light and if we talk about the backrest, it is positioned in a way that you can easily recline back and enhance the comfort when you are sitting on it.

If you are looking for something beautiful yet usable, Gubi chairs is the perfect option for you. A Gubi chair is also known as the “Beetle” style chair as the whole idea of designing this chair is inspired by four-legged creatures. Today, we see these chairs in abundance because the design is highly popular in restaurants and cafes.

As already discussed, the inspiration of this chair style has come from the insect world, selecting a beetle chair would give your eyes an instant relief especially if you are someone close to nature. Buying a Gubi chair fulfills your dreams of having a personalized chair that is specifically designed to meet your needs. When you buy this chair for your home, it also adds a unique appeal to the interior design of your home. The best thing about a Gobi chair is that you can easily translate its design into a variety of settings; be it a living room, a bedroom, or a dining room.

Gaming Chair

Are you a gaming enthusiast? If yes, you must think of buying a gaming chair. If you are thinking that buying a gaming chair would increase your chances of winning, you are wrong in your assumption. Though you can use any of your home or computer chairs to play computer games, sitting on this chair for hours and hours is simply not possible. Buying a gaming chair would protect you from developing from any health issue because these chairs are designed in a way that they make it possible for you to sit for long hours without having any kind of discomfort during your sitting.




PC Gaming Chair

Black Gold Gamig Chair

Premium Gaming Chair

Pro Gaming Chair

Executive Gaming Chair

When choosing a gaming chair, you must choose the one that provides you enough comfort that you do not find it difficult to focus on your game. The gaming Chair was released by a famous YouTuber. He is the biggest name in the industry, whether you like him or not, but you would love the chair that he made for the gamers. The man himself shared his idea of having a gaming chair with the manufacturers, and they did their best to bring those ideas into shape.

The reason why a gamer feels so comfortable while sitting on this chair is its tubular steel frame that is both strong and durable. When you sit on this chair for hours, you get the desired support without its being too rigid. If we talk about the base of the chair, it is just not too strong but also quite well balanced. As the basic use of the chair is during gaming, they have designed the armrests of gaming chair in a way that it offers the most comfortable arm positions to the gamers.

The upholstery of gaming chair is made of pure leather and it is the comfort of its seating position that the gamers don’t complain anymore about the hurting of their backs. This chair has been built by keeping specifically the comfort of users in mind. It is enough lumbar support, its height and builds, and adjustable armrests that make it the best choice for gamers.

Egg Chair

The egg chair is famous for its boldly unique design. The designer of this chair is Arne Jacobsen whose first passion was architecture. He designed it the first time in 1958 and it was the time when the designers were defying all the boundaries in their creative work while there was no compromise on aesthetics and the practicality of furniture.




Luxury Egg Chair

Egg Chair with Cushion

Hanging Chair with Cushion

Hanging Egg Swing Chair

Hanging Egg Chair Swing with Stand

If we talk about the design, thanks to its curved wingback and swivel feature that a hanging egg chair became super popular in the 1960s. It is the much-needed comfort and a bit of privacy, that this design is popular even today. It is that one villainously cool piece of furniture that you can keep in your home to impress all your guests. Keeping this chair at home helps you make a style statement that is hard to forget.

It would not be wrong to say that this egg chair has aged so well because of its originality and comfort that we hardly see in any of the other classic interior pieces of art. No matter how traditional or modern is the décor of your home, using an egg chair in any corner of the house would never give a feeling as if it is out of place. Its magnetic presence will complement the overall look of your home.

If you are one of those who appreciate cocoon art, you don’t have to be in an airport business lounge anymore. Buying an egg chair and keeping it at home would give the same feel and you can appreciate the cocooning effect of this chair every time you sit on this chair. When it comes to positioning an egg chair in your home lounge, you can keep it either in a floor-standing position or hang it with the ceiling. Both ways, you can have that exotic feeling that you always wanted to add in your home.